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       Youth Shadow Local Council
Youth Local Councils (YLC) are youth bodies democratically elected by their peers to emulate the actual LGUs in their communities with the long term vision of emerging as future youth leaders. Through careful coaching, capacity building, and oversight, the YSLCs engage in different experiences that engage them in democratic processes, expose them to local governance, and demonstrate responsible citizenship and good governance practices. Currently implemented by Sharek Youth Forum, the program is an initiative started to be supported by Global Communities (Formerly CHF International) through the USAID-funded Local Democratic Reform Program Tawasol and now continues under the USAID-funded Local Government & Infrastructure program (LGI).
        Latest News

The Youth Local Council of Al Ram has just set up its second summer camp for children from age 7-13 .The Youth Local Council managed to get the local private sector to contribute and sponsor the summer camp and got the most support from Friends Motors. The camp began on the 14th of June in Al Ram and will go on for a period of 5 days. The camp hosts a group of 120 children. The Youth Local Councils goal is to provide the children with an unforgettable fun experience, through introducing the youth to different local, educational and entertaining activities and through taking the children to visit and interact with local CBOs and NGOs. The Youth Local Council also hopes to bring the community of Al Ram closer together. The camp consists of 20 counselors that are responsible for the children and activities. On the opening day, the children attended the camp with their parents and were greeted by the mayor of the municipality of Al Ram.

 “The Young Journalists” is an initiative that the Beit Jala YLC has launched having noticed youth’s interest in photography and media in general. Youth who have their personal cameras are receiving training in photography, writing media reports, producing media coverage of community events and activities, especially the ones organized by the YLC. This activity aims both to provide interested youth with semi-professional skills of media production and to in...


 “Towards more distinguished students” initiative was launched in Qabalan by its YLC which aims at reinforcing a more interactive and efficient learning models for school students. The members of the YLC approached schools through field visits to organize and plan the initiative activities among school and volunteering university students....


Realizing the importance of setting example of cleaning public spaces, the YLC of Beit Ummar organized a public cleaning day on Monday, March 10, 2014 as part of their initiative. In a matter of hours, a small group of volunteers transformed several neighborhoods of Beit Ummar that would otherwise have remained unattended. Through the initiative, entitled “Green and Clean,” the youth aimed to remind and encourage the public to periodically take ca...

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